Good Morning January 29

People have a fascination for wanting to know the future. News papers carry the horoscopes. Palm readers, fortune tellers, and psychics are easily found, who for a fee will tell you what is ahead. We want to know about the stock market, our next job, our love life. Even Christians pour over the prophetic books of the Bible, putting all kinds of interpretations on what they believe God is going to do. I am not opposed to studying biblical prophesy, but much will remain a mystery until the Lord actually appears. Above all, we are called to put our complete trust in God. We certainly don’t need to read horoscopes, even for fun. We have a Father who holds our future in His hands. He loves us, and will always do the best for us. We don’t even know what the rest of this day will hold, but we don’t need to. We know who holds us in this day.