Good Morning February 27

A young friend asked me what the difference was between all the different Christian churches. It’s a question many who are unfamiliar with church ask, but it is very difficult to answer easily. I said that because they are Christian churches they are all centered in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, even that is not always true. I said there are differences in doctrine and practice between different groups, as well as the externals of size, friendliness, and so forth. For those more familiar with theology the differences are serious, and need to be carefully considered. However, for our witness to the community in general, as to my young friend, the Christian church is confusing and the multiplicity of denominations is destructive. We are not going to change that until our Lord returns, but we need to find more ways to speak the truth of the Gospel to those beyond church doors. Jesus left us with the two great commandments to love God above all else, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. If we, in the church, grow in living these in all the various aspects of life, the community will see something different in us and desire to know more about it. Jesus washed dirty feet. So are we called to do.