Good Morning March 10

Too many people, if they understand at all that there are two testaments in the Bible, will try to throw out the Old Testament and concentrate only on the New. They see in the Old a vengeful God who orders mass killings of people, and the New as a message of non-judgment and love in Jesus. But then people even throw out parts of the New Testament they don’t think fit with our modern world. The Bible get reduced to a few cliches, and is essentially irrelevant. Tragically they have ignored the God of grace who has worked for thousands of years to give them life. That Bible is one complete book. All 66 chapters are the account of the God who created us, who love us more than we can understand, and in spite of our rebellion has gone to the most extreme lengths to redeem us. Far from irrelevant, it is the text that opens for us true life, life centered in a person, Jesus Christ. He is there from beginning to end. Studying the Bible does take some work, but its fruit is life everlasting.