Good Morning March 17

Well, there is a white blanket covering everything – again! We were teased with a number of beautiful 60 degree days, and now show. Everyone is waiting for Spring. By the calendar it is only four days away, but the ground outside sure doesn’t look like it. We are like little kids waiting for Christmas or a coming birthday party. When will it ever get here?! As Christians, there is another event we are awaiting. The return of our Lord. Scripture has assured us that Jesus will come again. It has given us signs to observe and told us to be watchful. We see the problems in our world, and how far modern life is from the way our Lord created it to be. Like the coming of Spring we say, how can He delay much longer? Spring is a date on the calendar. We are clearly told not to put dates on our Lord’s return. But we are told to stand firm in our faith, watchfully waiting, and continue to proclaim the gracious message of salvation in Jesus Christ. As surely as the snows will melt, our Lord will return. Let Him find us faithfully serving when He comes.