Good Morning March 21

The gas price at the local station just went up to 3.43. If the price had droped to 3.35 we would think we are getting a bargain. But if the price were 3.25 and went to 3.35 we would moan and complain. The same is true with the temperature. We get used to things being relative. They depend upon our situation, or our point of view. That may be why we have such trouble with the absolute standards of God. Many think God shouldn’t be so rigid. After all times change. In the very first temptation Satan ask, “Did God really say …..?” Yes He did, and He still does. He never took an opinion poll on the Ten Commandments. They are not relative depending on the situation. Rather, and this is a very big point, He gave them for our best good. He gave them so that we could have life to the fullest. Relativity in temperature or gas prices is fine, but not for the path God has for us to walk in life. He is our Father, and He really does know best.