Good Morning March25

The old expression “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” doesn’t seem to apply any more. Certainly the case with computers! I seem to get messages for up-dates almost every day. Something needs to be changed, fixed, or up-graded. This is not the case with our Lord. God spoke the world into being. God said, and it was so. He declared it good. All that He has made declares His glory. Of course, we humans have messed a lot of it up, which is why we have to keep changing and fixing it. We’ve made so many changes that we’ve come into complete confusion. God made a man, and a woman. He brought them together to be one and to be fruitful. He declared it good. Oh, but that needed changing. We’ve certainly learned more than God knew when He made us! We have ordained change as an inevitable part of life. Maybe it is to some degree, but care needs to be taken that we don’t change the things God made and declared good. There really are some things that ain’t broke and don’t need fixing.