Good Morning March 28

Some people outside the church will argue that the church is full of hypocrites. That is why they aren’t interested in being a part of it. First off, I would guess that this is only an excuse because they would rather do their own things instead of coming to a worship service. Second, they are correct about the hypocrites, but that doesn’t negate the important of coming together for corporate worship. The church is the place where we can lay all of our sins, including our hypocrisy, before God, and hear the gracious declaration of forgiveness, cleansing, and new life. And third, one must be careful not to throw Jesus out with the rejection of the church. It is Jesus who paid the price of redemption for all our sins. And yes, one doesn’t have to go to church to meet Jesus, but I doubt if very many of the excuse makers do. To keep the record clear, I have been a hypocrite, and at times still am. It is a sin I pray earnestly to be rid of, but thanks be to God through Jesus Christ my Lord, that He has given me the way of cleansing and new life. I’ll be in church on Sunday. All are welcome to join me.