Good Morning March 31

We are a consumer society. Our economy depends on people shopping. This has carried over to the church in a number of ways. People shop for a church the way they shop for commodities. They use the internet to compare one church to another. They look for the services a church provides for youth, in music, type of worship, outreach to the community, and so forth. The denominational or doctrinal brand has less meaning. Some larger churches accept offerings by credit card, or automatic withdrawal. Some even have a coffee kiosk or other services near the entrance. I’m not saying all of this is bad, it just is, today. It does however, make it necessary to provide some education concerning the true purpose of church. Jesus message to His disciples was to take up their cross and follow. The Church that Jesus founded is about faith in the Living God, about the willingness to serve and give one’s self for the good of others, about growing in understanding God’s Word and being fed by the Holy Sacrament, and about supporting one another in a Christian fellowship. If these become central, then the consumer aspects of church become less important.