Good Morning April 1

At the time of the Reformation in the 16th century, knowledge of the Bible was pretty sparse. Bibles were not in the hands of common people, and even many priests did not have extensive Bible knowledge. Two of Luther’s tasks in those years were to translate the Bible into German so people could have God’s Word in their language, and to write a catechism of basic Christian doctrine to be used by fathers in a household to teach their children. This was the right foundation for our faith. It still is. We have a proliferation of Bibles today. It is important that we know what is in its pages. After all, we call it God’s Word. If it is, we should want to know what God is saying to us. Further, the home is still the center of moral and spiritual teaching. We have become accustomed to pushing responsibilities for our children off on the government and the church, but if it doesn’t happen at home, it often doesn’t happen at all. We can see all too clearly the results in our world. What Luther emphasized in the 16th century has never changed – personal knowledge of Scripture, and Christian truths taught in the home.