Good Morning April 7

I follow a blog fairly regularly by a fellow named Kenneth who is traveling around the country, and later Europe, visiting coffee shops, and having conversations with a large variety of people. His conversations are providing a wonderful cross section of modern life. He remarked the other day how much the world is different now than years ago, and because of all the texting, etc. people are more disconnected today. They seem to be connected because of all the communication, but lack the personal face to face contact. Electronics are sterile, impersonal, easily able to hide behind. What strikes me from his coffee house visits is the number of people who are willing to sit down with him, in most cases a perfect stranger, and pour out some details of their lives for one, two, or three hours at a time. There really must be a sense of loss at that personal contact. Nothing replaces looking into another person’s eyes, a strong hand shake, or a warm hug. I decry such changes in our world, but maybe this says something that the church needs to take seriously. This is a human contact that we can certainly provide in showing the love of Christ, and pointing to something deeper than can be found in any text message.