Good Morning April 8

Yesterday, I complained a bit about the changes that have come about in society disconnecting people from one another. Being older, however, it is easy for me to fall into the “we never done it that way before” mentality, and not see some of the positive things that are happening. The Church, though, has always been in the position of seeking to show the world there is something different in life. This is what got Jesus in trouble with the Pharisees. He wanted them to see the grace of God that all of their laws really intended, but that they were too locked into their system to see. The Church was founded to show the world that there is a new and far better way of life by walking in faith in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the Church has accepted too many of the worlds values, but there I go again complaining. Even so, in God’s Word, and through faith in Christ, we do have something to share that is different and better than anything the normal paths of modern society has to offer. In the love of Christ we can extend a hand of fellowship that really is life changing.