Good Morning April 10

My office walls contain a lot of what would be called memorabilia, pictures of a boat I once had and enjoyed, sketches I’ve drawn on various outings, pictures of a trip to Africa a number of years ago, shelves of antique radio parts, family photos from before I was born, and so forth. Each item has meaning for me about my personal history and heritage. We all have such things, but we also have a heritage that goes a lot deeper than anything we might have keep at home. As Christians, our heritage goes back through a line of saints and martyrs who have brought the message of Christ to us through the past 20 centuries. Even further, our faith line goes back through prophets and kings to Moses and Abraham. And then before that to our Lord who knew us before we were born. Whatever heritage items we may treasure at home are only a small part of our life’s story. We have a Lord who knows and loves us, following us day by day through all of our life, bringing us to a time when all that is past will have little importance because we will be looking into a most glorious future.