Good Morning April 18

What do we call good? Well, lots of things, I suppose. A child doing well in school or in some sport; a gift received that is really wanted and needed; a day of perfect weather. We would also say that a breakthrough cure for some serious disease is certainly good. How about a day that began with the beating of an innocent man, and a forced march attended by mocking and whip lash? We see nothing good in that. A day marked by a horrible execution, and most painful death we certainly would not call good. But we do. This is the day called Good Friday. Of course the abuse, mocking, and torturous death are not good in themselves. But God has taken this death and turned it to good for all mankind. In this death, the sacrifice of God’s only begotten son, the sins of all mankind are atoned for. In Jesus Christ all have forgiveness and new life. The amazing truth of this day is that God has taken all that is most horrible and used it to bring the best good for all people. That is why this is GOOD Friday. There is no greater breakthrough cure than that which provides cleansing from sin for all people.