Good Morning April 21

Yesterday we began our worship service with the shout, “Jesus is Alive! Hallelujah!” And then immediately began with our first hymn Jesus Christ is Risen Today. It is always a joyous opening to our Easter worship, but what does it mean? What does it mean to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is alive? I can’t see Him today. I can’t put my finger into the nail print in His hand as He invited Thomas to do. Even so, because that grave in Jerusalem was opened, of which there is ample historical evidence; because there were numerous eye witness account of meeting Jesus after His resurrection; and because all of the Apostles, except for John, died a martyrs death testifying to the truth of the resurrection, the fact of Jesus being alive is undeniable. Further, it testifies to the truth that there is a very real realm of life beyond what we see with our eyes and apprehend with our five senses. Jesus Christ is alive. Through faith in Him we are even now a part of that real realm of life called God’s Kingdom. This is not a hope only for our time of death, but a truth in which we daily walk. Jesus Christ is alive! Hallelujah!