Good Morning April 29

Last night’s Men’s Bible Study was looking at the seventh chapter of Acts, Stephen’s defense before the Jewish leaders. He spends the majority of the chapter recounting the history of the Jewish people from Abraham forward. His point is simply that all he has been teaching people about Jesus is simply the fulfillment of all that God had done and promised over many past years. The Jews were so set in their system, and taken up with their political and social position that they did not want to hear it. They stoned Stephen to death. Stephen’s method is vital for all times, but we, like those listeners of old, still reject it. Stephen was speaking to those who claim belief in the one true God. The vast majority of Americans claim belief in God, and most call themselves Christian. Yet, surveys have shown that current knowledge of the Bible, and of history is dismal. We are so caught up with our electronic age, and all we call progress, that it causes us to neglect or dismiss anything that happened more than twenty years ago. The Prophet Hosea wrote, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”(4:6) We believe in God, the God who has worked all through human history. We certainly can have our salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, but as a people we’ve not learned who God really is, and our society is destroyed because we’ve not understood all that God has done in the past.