Good Morning May 6

Yesterday, in a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that it is acceptable to open government meetings with prayer. Opponents, along with the dissenting judges, see prayer as an establishment of religion by the government. For them it is no longer a matter of insuring that we allow all faiths to participate. We already have that. Opponents want no recognition of any god at all. This is where we have come in a country founded by men, all of whom believed in God. They all believed in natural law established by God and binding on all people. I do not claim that all of our founders were Christian, they were not. But they all acknowledged God’s existence, and the need to follow and appeal to Him for guidance and grace on our nation. Our modern times show us the pressure we are under to deny, or water down the practice of our faith, and challenges us to stand firm in what we believe. The U.S. Supreme Court has not and will not end all of the challenges to our faith. It is up to us to know what we believe, and be willing to stand firm on that belief.