Good Morning May 19

Spring is a wonderful time of year with everything blooming and colorful. Our lawn was cut last week and the whole area was carpeted with a nice even green cover. However, within about three days all the dandelion seed stalks had popped up, those ugly brown stalks with white fluffy seed pods that blow everywhere. That really proves a spiritual truth. It is easier to grow weeds than grass. The grass grows, but the weed are always trying to push through and take over. To grow good grass one must treat the lawn with proper food and weed killers. I think it is fairly easy to see the spiritual parallel. The world, our own human fleshly desires, and the devil are always at hand trying to grow weeds in our lives. God created us and gave us life, but that life must be cared for and fed with godly truths to keep the weed out. Jesus said temptations are sure to come, and we certainly know that they do. The Apostle Peter taught us to resist the devil and he will flee from us. Our daily work is to feed the lawn of our lives so that it stays green and beautiful for our Lord.