Good Morning May 23

Our world is going crazy with advertising. I’m all for free enterprise, but this is getting ridiculous. Two thirds of my internet browser screen are ads, and they are not content with pictures. They break in with blaring audio and video. 8 to 10 ads between commercial breaks on TV. A good number of phone calls are recorded announcements for one organization or another. Campaign signs, bill boards, and more. Yes, the church advertises, too. We are trying to share a message, but I hope we can share it in a different manner. They say that the best advertising is word of mouth, one friend speaking to another. This has always been best for the church. Persecutions spread the early Christians far out from Jerusalem, and people all over the region were converted. It is always the lives we live, and the words we are able to share, that God, the Holy Spirit, uses for His advertising. I guess we have to put up with the blitz of glitz that confronts us in the media, but it should remind us that we are different, and have a far better way.