Good Morning May 28

Little blue letters on the computer screen – click on them and they will get you today’s news and weather, or a Bible passage, or a porn site. Satellite companies advertise that they bring 600 channels of TV into your home. The computer provides a thousand times that and more. In our modern world we are presented with such a vast array of choices that it boggles the mind. It is really a question of what we want. Do we want those things that strengthen our lives, that can serve as good for others, and that draw us closer to our Lord? This is more than deciding on a few clicks of a computer mouse, or TV remote. It is the basic attitude we establish for our lives. When Mary, the sister of Lazareth, sat at Jesus’ feet listening to Him, He said of her, “Mary has chosen the best portion, and it will not be taken from her.”(Luke10:42) In all the choices that confront us daily, Lord help us to choose the best portion.