Good Morning May 29

It is interesting to read the book of Proverbs. Verse after verse is good instruction and common sense. They are also the things we so often forget, and then get ourselves into trouble. The mantra for our modern world is tolerance. Meaning that we accept all people life values as equally valid and right. Such an idea would have been ridiculous to Solomon who penned most of the Proverbs. He knew that the life God gave us functions best when it is lived according to God’s design. I have confessed to you before that I read Dear Abby, the advice column in the daily paper. I am constantly amazed at how people have messed up their lives by ignoring much of the common sense of Proverbs. We know that there is forgiveness and abundant grace in our Lord. We know that we have our salvation by God’s grace through our faith in Jesus Christ. But this doesn’t mean that we can do anything we jolly well please, and everything will turn out well. “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”(16:25) Scripture is given to guide our lives in the right paths. They are the paths God has given for our best life.