Good Morning May 30

There is a home not far from where I live that has two stone columns at the entrance of their driveway. On top of one of them is a gargoyle, one of those grotesque stone sculptures often used on medieval buildings. In the middle ages they had an architectural function of carrying rainwater away from the sides of a building. The church also attached another function, that of chasing evil spirits away from the sanctuary, and reminding the people of the evil of sin. I suspect none of these functions were the reason the homeowner mounted his gargoyle. It always strikes me, however, that in all of our modern science fiction stories, and superhero tales, the enemy is often an evil looking character or grotesque monster. And, of curse, the superhero always wins. Even though society in general doesn’t like the word “sin”, and usually doesn’t acknowledge a real devil, do we still have some spiritual sense deep down that we are, in fact, battling a real enemy that seeks to destroy us? That really is the only explanation for all the wrong we see around us in the world. Maybe our neighborhood gargoyle serves a real purpose after all.