Good Morning June 2

We had a service last evening dedicating our church building which we had recently purchased from the local Baptist church. It was a shared service with both congregations taking part. We had a wonderful gathering and a lot of fun. Fun? In a church service? Yes, absolutely. It was a great time of singing, speaking, praying, and laughing together with many friends who all love the Lord Jesus. Our problem today is that we have a very distorted view of what fun is. Fun doesn’t have to include alcohol, though I’m not opposed to drinking in moderation. Fun doesn’t have to be getting high or having sex. Fun is sharing one another’s lives in good fellowship with a common bond. Knowing our Lord and all He has done for us is great fun. The Bible tells us that “the joy of the Lord is our strength.”(Nehemiah 8:10) God is not just about giving a lot of rules and regulations. His is desire to give us the greatest joy in the best life possible. The joy we receive from our Lord lasts forever, and doesn’t come with any next day regrets or hangovers. Maybe we need to rethink what we really consider excitement, fun, and joy.