Good Morning June 5

I sometimes think we treat God like a celestial vending machine. We put in our prayers and expect Him to immediately act for us. Don’t get me wrong. We certainly are to pray for our needs, and raise before God all of our intercessions. Scripture promises that our prayers of faith are powerful. But I think of Job. God never really did give him an answer to all of his questions and complaints. He simply upheld His sovereignty before Job, and Job yielded to that. We don’t get the answers to all of our “why” questions. As children, we bring all of our needs and cares before our Father, but in humility and trust we leave them with Him. We come before our sovereign and holy God believing that He cares deeply for us, and will give His best. We hold to this truth even when we don’t see everything happen just as we have asked. We rest in the hands of our gracious Lord.