Good Morning June 9

I mentioned children’s books last week. I’m thinking particularly of the seven books in the Narnia series by C.S.Lewis, or a number of stories by George MacDonald. There are also other good Christian writers for children. These contain many wonderful parables of Biblical truth. I have used images from the Narnia series hundreds of times in my teaching. The language of a parable is very helpful to see deeper truths of our Lord. It is why Jesus used so many parables. If you prefer science fiction, Lewis’ Space Trilogy also relates to a lot of Scripture as well as a picture of our modern times. God desires to share Himself with us. Too often we miss His truth by thinking we are so sophisticated, and knowledgeable. Jesus said we must enter the Kingdom as a little child. That is, by having a child-like faith. But maybe it is also helpful at time to think about some of the better stories written for children. They do contain some helpful truths.