Good Morning June 11

There is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt. It could also be said that familiarity breeds acceptance. In other words, the more often one hears something the more normal it becomes. This is what has and is happening in society with our sexual mores. For years now our society has presented us with images of sexual relations outside the covenant bond of marriage. In recent years the gay community has demanded their acceptance as a normal expression of human relationships. These and other aspects of human sexuality, that years ago would have been considered immoral, have been accepted as a natural part of life. We, who still hold to biblical values of God ordained sexual practices, become more and more marginalized. Of course, the society declares that to be good. Yet, regardless of how we ignore them, there are absolute values God has established for human life. They have been given for our best good. When we ignore them we do so to our hurt, and to the ultimate destruction of our society. It is certainly true that all people need to be treated with God’s love and grace, but that doesn’t change the values God has established for our good. No amount of familiarity will change that.