Good Morning June 17

Yesterday I mentioned that the truth of the Holy Trinity shows God’s incredible love for mankind. A Father’s love for all His created beings; a Son’s love that was willing to lay down His life to redeem all of wayward mankind; a Spirits love that reside in the beloved to guide and shape life for their best good. This love is deeper and richer than anything we can imagine. But it is not a soft love. It does not simply excuse every action of the beloved. It is a love that has created the beloved to occupy a great and holy purpose, a purpose that brings forth the very best in the beloved. Therefore, the Source of love cannot accept every action and thought, every behavior and philosophy as equally valid. The Source of love must judge certain thing right and others wrong. All paths do not lead to the same good that Love seeks for us. Since the Source of love has revealed Himself in Trinitarian grace, it is for us to seek Him and yield to His gracious hand. Only there do we find our best life.