Good Morning June 20

When I was a kid our Sunday evening were often spent in at my grandparent’s home. After supper we usually ended up around the dining table playing the card game Canasta. I know many younger one have no idea what that is, but it made for a fun evening. My grandfather was a competitive person and he would play to win. Using all the proper rules of the game he didn’t mind shutting someone else out. My grandmother would look over at him and complain, “Oh George, your not playing Christian!” Her idea was to help the other person win. Even when she would occasionally watch a football game with the family, she would cheer for whoever had the ball. Now, there is noting wrong with playing a card game fairly to win, or wanting to see your favorite team score, but her idea of being a Christian really is not so bad as a life lesson. We should be dong all we can to help the other guy win. Let’s think about that and see how it might apply in the contacts we have today.