Good Morning


Good Morning
At the St. Paul conference I spoke about yesterday we had two marvelous worship services. The first began with a procession of 34 pastors dressed in white albs (robes) and red stoles. The worship was a full liturgical service with Holy Communion. For many it would have been considered “too Catholic”. It was truly a catholic service. (Note the capital “C” and small “c”.) Both services used elements of worship that date back to the second century of the Christian Church. Nothing was done simply for show. It all had meaning connecting us with saints and martyrs through all Christian centuries. The marble chapel was filled with the voices of a hundred fifty worshipers singing to the glory of God. Nor was it simply an emotional experience, though emotions were certainly involved. I said to the presiding minister after the service that it was as close to heavenly worship as we will find on earth. It was truly glorious. It was Lutheran worship that proclaimed the grace of God for all who were present. Word and sacrament declared God’s love and favor toward mankind. Maybe the form is not as familiar to every Christian, but don’t reject it or be afraid of it. Such liturgical worship is a true expression of humble devotion toward our Holy God, and the declaration of God’s grace toward us.

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