Good Morning July 1

We live near the Chesapeake Bay. I very much enjoy being near the water. We had a small boat for a while and would explore the bay and a number of the rivers that feed into it. Water is the substance of life. This is especially true in our Christian life. Our life begins in the waters of baptism. In this simple act and by God’s word, we are born anew. We are cleansed of original sin, and enter into eternal life. Jesus gives the living water which enlivens us and flows out for the good of others. Water is even spoken of in eternity as the river of life flowing from the throne of God, a river clear as crystal for the healing of the nations. So I think my enjoyment of the water comes naturally as a symbol of the joy and grace that comes from our Lord. I realize that in our fallen world water can be destructive in floods and storms, but that doesn’t change the truth that it is the substance of life. When disasters strike, as they will in our world, it causes us to draw even more deeply upon the waters of life from our Lord Jesus Christ.