Good Morning July 7

It is interesting to think about what is happening as I sit typing at this computer. The simple equipment on my desktop has become a portal to the world. What I write can be read in virtually every country of the world. That doesn’t mean that what I write is either good, true, or worth reading. It is just out there with the multiple millions of other writings. However, it is a powerful tool that our Lord has given us to reach out with His truth in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the multiple voices there is a lot of confusion, but it has always been the work of God, the Holy Spirit, to reach individual hearts with His truth. It is God alone who can cut through the confusion of this world and bring new life to hearts. We pray that we use the tools God has given us in the most effective manner, and guided by His Scriptures, but the results are always the Lord’s. He alone is the source and means of life.