Good Morning July 8

Getting children to do something isn’t always easy. Parents will call them to come and they will continue to watch TV or stay at the game they are playing. A second, third, even fourth call will come, usually with increasing volume. God’s people are often like that.The “I wants” are always strong in us. Like children wanting to continue our game we ignore the voice of our Lord. This is stated numerous time in the Old Testament. Shortly before their captivity and the destruction of Jerusalem, God said through Jeremiah, “These wicked people, who refuse to listen to my words, who follow the stubbornness of their hearts…”(13:10) Relating to God is not so much a matter of following some set of dos and don’ts, but listening to His voice. He has spoken to us clearly in both Testaments of Scripture. His words are that of a Father who has done all for our good. In listening to His word we learn to know Him, to want to be a part of Him, and to willing yield more of our “I wants” for His direction in life.