Good Morning July 29

The news has been reporting on some terrible conditions that continue to spread. Doctors are carefully watching the Ebola virus hoping that it does not spread. Wildfires are spreading through Yosemite National Park. We read about the war in Gaza that continues to spread. These are outward visible disasters that are difficult to contain. But there is a condition that concerns me more than these. It involves ideas and attitudes. These are things that become rooted in a society and become accepted as normal by more and more people. Sex, marriage, and family in particular. Attitudes about these have changed dramatically over the past years. Actions and lifestyles are accepted today as normal that were once clearly thought wrong. Even for many who don’t accept these values personally they say, oh well, it’s just the way they do things today. Wrong attitudes, attitudes that are not thought through and clearly guided by God’s truth, spread like wildfires, and are spiritually more deadly than Ebola, fire, or war. Everything must be tested against the truth of God’s Holy Word.