Good Morning August 6

The debate between Darwinists and Creationists will undoubtedly continue for a long time. There is an aspect of this that concerns me more than coming to a definitive conclusion. That is the attitude each position engenders in the people who accept it, particularly our young people coming through modern education. If one is taught that they have come from lower forms of life, and are no different than any of the others in the animal kingdom, then they have no basis for developing any respect for themselves, for others, or a reason for a moral foundation for their actions. If, on the other hand, one believes that they are an intentional creation by a God who loves them deeply, they have an entirely different foundation of love and respect upon which to build. I think we see the results of this former position reflected in many aspects of modern society. You, dear one, are not a product of random chance. You are deeply love by the Lord who created you, and who wants you to live the valued life He intended.