Good Morning August 7

The first 37 chapters of the book of Job are spent asking the question why evil things happen. Job continues to maintain that he is righteous before God. He friends say that he must have sinned or these things would not be happening to him. In chapter 38 God finally speaks. He doesn’t answer Job’s questions, but declares His sovereignty in all creation. He is the One who has brought all things into being. He is the One who has intimate knowledge of all life. Upon hearing this Job is humbled and bows before his Holy God. “I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me which I did not know.”(42:3) We all struggle with this problem of evil. Ultimately God was saying to Job and to us, ‘I am the Lord of all life. I know every detail of all that touches you. Even though you don’t understand it, nothing is apart from my will and my wisdom.’ God has demonstrated His care by coming to share this life with us. Even beyond our understanding we can learn to trust ourselves to His gracious will. That is really better than having a simple answer to our why questions.