Good Morning August 11

About a year ago I was on a commuter flight from LA to Monterey, California. I struck up a conversation with my seat mate, a Christian fellow from the mid-west on a business trip. We talked about a variety of things including family. He said he had a 30 year old daughter in a medical profession. Through all of her studies and experiences she now says that she no longer believes in God. He was very concerned for her, and asked me to remember her in prayer. I said I would. The man’s name is Charlie, and I have been adding Charlie’s daughter to my prayers ever since. I take her as representative of all the Charlie’s daughters in our younger generation. I am very concerned for my own grandkids and all the kids coming along in this modern secular, media saturated generation. They are being led into many wrong paths, and need our prayers to surround them. I pray that God will work in each heart and reveal Himself in a special way. I invite you to join me in that prayer.