Good Morning August 27

I will start this Good Morning with a confession: I’m an old fogy. I even precede the baby boomer generation. So I grew up in a different era, an era that operated by a whole different set of value than are present today. And yes, I have to defer to my children and grandchildren to teach me the rudiments of modern technology. Yesterday I wrote about parents needing to put a hedge around their children, and coming from an older generation I see this hedge from a different view. I do enjoy the benefits of modern technology. I use the computer for all my writing, correspond by e-mail, and use a cell phone – not yet a smart phone. But I strongly believe that the parental hedge must include putting limits on the electronics our kids use. Limit! That’s a bad word! But all the rest of the kids have them, watch it, play it, are doing it! I never liked those arguments when I heard them from my kids. Parents are not denying kids by monitoring their TV and internet usage, by not buying the smart phone, etc. They are teaching them values, wisdom, and discernment. These are essential lessons for every age.