Good Morning August 29

We tend to be very glib with some of our word and expressions without really understanding the depth of their content. One of the movie stars is recently reported to have said, “I’ve been to hell and back” about some difficulties they went through. We say the word without real content, even directing someone to go there. We have various images for hell, lake of fire, etc., but above all it is total and absolute separation from God, and from all relationships. We have no concept of such a horror. A person in this life may not even believe in God, but they are surrounded by Him whether they realize it or not. God’s hand has touched everything we see in the natural world. God has made every person that we meet. All gone. A place totally devoid of grace. It is just from this total blackness that our Lord Jesus Christ has come to redeem us. Our sins require our total separation from God, but in His love He has given us the way of life. If we are not so glib with our words, then we also realize how marvelous a gift we have in our salvation.