Good Morning September 9

In my days doing woodworking I did a lot of furniture restoration. It could be anything from tightening a squeaky chair to rebuilding a piece from a set of broken parts brought in a cardboard box. I can’t say that I worked on antiques as such. What I did for people was on pieces that had value because of personal family history. There were usually a lot of memories attached to those pieces. That’s important. We are not lone individuals. We have a heritage that goes back many generations. Even if our personal heritage is not the most stellar, we have a heritage as Christians. We are part of saints and martyrs who have dedicated their lives, in the continuity of our faith, to bring it down to us today. Even in the form of our Lutheran worship, which we share with Anglicans, Catholics and others, the parts of our service are the same as believer have been doing for 1800 years. We have truth in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that has stood the test of time, bringing new life to countless souls, and we are part of that truth. That is our heritage in the saints.