Good Morning September 12

We encourage our children in a difficult task saying, “You can do it”. We spur one another on in a sport or a difficult work related issue. “Give it all you got. Think carefully. You can do this.” It’s true, there are no prizes for laziness, or not giving your best to a task. There is certainly a place for this kind of encouragement. But when we come to the Christian faith we have a problem. The core message of Christianity is that you can’t make it. You are separated from Almighty God and there is nothing you can do to get back in His good graces. We really hate that. We hate to be told that a task is impossible, that, even if given enough time, we don’t have the intelligence, the ability, the strength to accomplish it. But that’s what Christianity says, and why Jesus is the brunt of hatred in this world. It is only the atoning act of God through Jesus Christ that can make us acceptable to Him. It is only in hearing and accepting this truth, we are able to stand before God. But this is the majestic message of God’s love for mankind. He has done something for us in Jesus, and in that we can stand.