Good Morning September 19

It is interesting sitting in a crowded airport or other location where lots of people are passing by. They come in such a variety, white, black Asian, middle eastern, tall, short, well dressed, sloppy, groomed hair and not so groomed, and on and on. We tend to look at people and make snap judgments about whether we would be comfortable talking with them or would rather avoid them. Maybe I should be honest and say I have made such snap judgments. The last time I was in such a crowd the Lord caught me up short, really with a mild rebuke. The thought came to mind, “These are all Mine, and I love each one of them. There is something a lot deeper in them than you see on the outside.” Well, I knew that! I preach it often enough. It is just that in my flesh, on a personal encounter, I’d rather people be of “my kind”. Maybe that rebuke needed to be not so mild! At any rate, I did take it to heart, and began to look at people differently. Not that I would ever be unkind to anyone, but I think my heart was changed a bit. I’m looking beyond the outside trapping with a desire and prayer that the love of God would touch each heart, and if I can be of some help in that, I will. It really does take a while for the Lord to get some lessons through my stubbornness.