God Morning September 22

We’ve had a few day down with our daughter in Virginia Beach. This was the weekend of the air show at the Oceana Naval Air Station. The Navy Blue Angels and other aircraft were performing various demonstrations. At the center of the demonstrations were the capabilities of the F18 Super Hornet. This is an incredible machine. With 40,000 lbs. of thrust from two jet engines it performs fantastic maneuvers. It was a real demonstration of the kind of power man can create. The Apostle Paul talks about power also. In a letter to the Ephesian Christians, Paul tells them he prays that God “may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.”(3:16-17) He uses the same Greek word for power that engineers would use for the F18, but there is something very different working here. He is speaking of God working in the depth of the human life to change and guide that life. This is quite a contrast, but it brings out a vital point. The F18 is a great product of the power of the human mind creating a massive physically powerful machine. But unless God’s power is at work to change and guide the use of mind and machine no good can come of it. The air show was a lot of fun, but it should also cause us to ponder deeper things as well.