Good Morning September 25

Too many people own a loose-leaf Bible! By that I mean they are quick to snap open the binder and throw out pages they don’t like. Or for that matter, they take the Old Testament binder, throw it out completely, and only keep a few pages from the New Testament binder that speak of Jesus teaching about love, forgiveness, and holding children on His lap. That is not the way God gave us the Scripture. There is only one binder, and the Lord has welded the rings closed. Scripture is one book from Genesis through Revelation. It is the Book that tells us who God is, who man is, and how the two can come together. Of course, there are those parts we don’t understand. After all, this is the Word of Almighty God we are talking about. We approach the Bible as one whole book. We study the parts in the context of the whole. Even those parts that rub us the wrong way have their place. If we are willing to stick with it, we find a marvelous account of our God of grace, who has done everything necessary to bring the people He created to Himself.