Good Morning October 10

We have seen a deluge of automobile recall notices recently. There were five just for cars in our family. Three of them were on my ’91 Ford! As you have learned, I’m prone to errors in spelling, or missing letters at ends of words. Yesterday, I had to send out a rather important letter that was copied to two other individuals. After mailing, I discovered I had used the wrong first name of the man I was writing about. The error was easily corrected, but it cost me time, postage, and e-mails of explanation. My point – small mistakes, errors, short cuts, sins, at one point, can cause bigger problems on down the line, problems that can be very costly. So it is with any sin, even those things we label as “not so bad”. We will never be free from them in this life. I sure won’t, but it calls us to humility in all we do, and a willingness to repent before God and others as necessary. Life is difficult and complicated, and as a society we continue to make it even more so. Our God has come into the midst of this world inviting us to walk humble with Him, seeking His wisdom in all we do.