Good Morning October 15

The name of the site from which these messages are sent is Life’s Meaning Ministry. I chose that very intentionally. Not that I have any great psychological insight, but meaning and purpose for life is something that so many struggle with today. I think it is why much of society has gone in a hedonistic direction. We seek all the pleasure in life that we can get, and if God exists He will take care of us when we die. But this provides a very shallow meaning for life. Many of Jesus parables began, “the Kingdom of Heaven is like…” The preaching of Jesus and the Apostles began “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” It was the truth of God’s Kingdom that gave meaning to all daily life. Almighty God has broken into our world in Jesus Christ. There is more to life than what we apprehend with our physical senses. There is a vast realm of God that we will occupy when our earthly life concludes. It is that life we are preparing for now. We already live in God’s Kingdom through faith in Jesus Christ. There is no greater meaning than to see our earthly life as one part of the eternal life for which God has created us.