Good Morning October 16

What a world! Church leaders resign over allegations…, courts overturn laws approved by the majority…, a pastor under fire for a conservative values sermon preached…, religious persecution in many places…, Islamic extremists murdering all opponents…, and the news goes on. What are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to do in the midst of such a world? Well, it is really not a lot different from the days our Lord first entered our world. The Lord’s people are called first, to know what they believe and why, and then to be willing to stand on that belief in all of life’s situations. It is easy to become confused, frightened, and overwhelmed by events, but our calling is always the same. A few weeks ago our children’s sermon leader led our kids in the simple song “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” She then got the whole congregation to join in, and yes, along with the hand motions, too! But that is really where we are. That is really where we have always been in Christ Jesus. Jesus is the light of the world. By God’s grace that light has made us alive, and by God’s grace we let others see that light in whatever life’s situations bring.