Good Morning October 24

Too much consumer debt on a family is a great problem. We are told that as the economy improves consumer debt goes up. It is not uncommon for a family to owe thousands of dollars on credit cards. But suppose you were one of those families. The debt was so high you couldn’t even make the minimum payments. Then some benevolent person comes along and says, “I will pay all of that debt for you. You no longer owe anything.” The feeling of relief, gratitude, and elation would be incredible. Obviously, I am using this as a parable of what our Lord has done for each of us. He has canceled our debt of sin. The problem with many is really believing that our sin debt is that great. We would rather think that we are pretty good folks compared to lots of others we could name. But in truth, we are evil in our own nature, and our sin debt is so high we have no hope of being right with God. Only the benevolent act of Jesus Christ on Calvary is sufficient to pay our debt. And it has been paid! That calls for an unending sense of gratitude and worship.