Good Morning November 3

Our Adult Sunday School class has been studying the book of Leviticus. Yes, Leviticus the book most people skip when reading the Bible. Even so, it is part of the Lord’s Word, and He gave it for the good of His people. It is certainly true that we are not bound by the law. Jesus fulfilled the law perfectly. However, as with many things in the Old Testament, they point forward as types of things that were fulfilled for us in the salvation work of Jesus Christ. The many blood sacrifices, for example, point to the necessity of our Lord’s blood shed in atonement for our sins. The people were instructed to bring an unblemished clean animal as an offering to the Lord. The root of the Hebrew word for offering means “to draw near”. It is what God desires in all of His instructions, that we draw near to Him, and has shown us the way. No, Leviticus is not a “fun” book to read, but there is much in it showing how our Lord continually reaches out in grace to draw people to Himself.