Good Morning November 5

Well, our U.S. mid-term elections are over. Some people are very happy, other disappointed at the outcomes. Either way there is something really wrong with the process. This election is the most expensive mid-term in history. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in campaigns across the country. On one hand we could say that that much money was pumped into the economy, but could that money have been better spent elsewhere? We are also told that many votes were not so much for a candidate as they were against the President. Do the right people really get elected? What do we expect these new leaders to do? Certainly, they are facing major issues. Will they be able to change much? I don’t know, but I have my doubts. All of the above is about all I have to say on politics. I am decidedly not a political person. My hope is not in any candidate or system, and we are called to judge all things by God’s Word. Scripture tells us to pray for our leaders that we may live in peace. That is the primary function of government, to maintain peace and order. In that order we can preach the Gospel and share God’s love in word and action. We don’t know what the future holds. We are called to live each day in the guidance our Lord gives, and put all of our trust in Him.