Good Morning November 6

OK, maybe I’m not done talking about politics. One observations that is easily made is that so many of the campaigns are run on emotions. Catch words are used, “our children”, “the elderly”. Pictures on TV ads of AK47s leaning against a tree in a neighborhood where children play, an emotional image, totally ridiculous. Have we lost the ability to think rationally, and take a longer view of how things should properly be handled? Especially as Christians we need to have a standard for making our judgments. That standard must be our Lord and the truth of His revealed Word. Further, we need to look, not just at the immediate situation and need, but over a long period of history. Almighty God has created us for His purpose and glory. He has come among us in Jesus Christ to redeem us from the power of sin and death. What does this mean in the conduct of our earthly affairs? How have we ignored this over generations to get where we are today? What does this mean for our modern world and the decisions we make today? Israel lost this longer view and fell into idolatry time and again. We do much the same with our emotional, me centered culture. I really don’t have answers. I just raise awkward questions, but I believe they are necessary to drive us back to our only source for solid direction, our Lord and His Word.