Good Morning November 10

Listening to the news a few days ago, a woman was being interviewed who had successfully come through a major difficulty. I don’t even remember what it was, but she made the comment, “the Lord was really with me.” For believers that is a fairly common expression. We’ve probably used it ourselves a time or two, but it made me think. What would the woman have said if the situation had turned out badly? The Lord wasn’t paying attention? He was busy with other things? He left me alone? I don’t think we would put it in those terms, but I suspect the thought would cross our minds. The Lord really cares about everything that touches us. He loves us more than we can possible understand, and He is with us in good times and in bad. Whether things turn out as we hoped, or if they don’t, the Lord is with us. We do not understand all that happens. We are simply called to trust Him in all circumstances, and learn to rest in His peace.